flash parker freelance

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I am currently studying to become a wilderness survival expert in the same tradition as Paul Bunyan, though my beard has yet to mature, and blue ox are less common than they once were. My graduate thesis is titled “Grizzly Wrestling, Turtle Surfing, and the Art of Moose Poop Chandling.” To make ends meet, I moonlight as a writer, photographer, and photojournalist. Originally from Ontario, Canada, I spend most of my time on the road, though I escape to the Wyoming wilderness as often as I can. My work has been published by Lonely Planet, Conde Nast, Canadian Living, USA Today, Get Lost Magazine, GQ Magazine, Asian Geographic, Escape Magazine, Voyeur Magazine, Groove Magazine, Reader’s Digest, American Cowboy, and more. My stories have been translated into six languages, few I am able to read. Additionally, I was nominated for a PATA Gold Award in destination journalism, though I lost in record fashion.

In a former life I was a screenwriter (credits include Wireless and I Hate Dating) and author (Night Has Fallen was released in 2008); I have a dozen boxes of unsold novels in the garage that I’m willing to sell on the cheap.

I have sampled extraordinarily heinous foods (Greenland shark haunts my dreams), subjected myself to extreme atmospheric pressures on some of earth’s highest peaks, and once hung by my ankles for a peek over Victoria Falls. This is my life, and this is what I do in the name of the story. I am interested in responsible travel, sustainable travel initiatives, the economics of life on the road, and craft beer. I speak some Korean, a little less French, and a heck of a lot more English than I let on.

With my Australian pal Dylan Goldby, I operate Flash Light Photography Expeditions. Flash Light Photography Expeditions is dedicated to providing immersive photojournalism courses to keen enthusiasts from around the globe. We are the premiere choice of photographers looking to take their image-making and photojournalism skills to the next level.