flash parker freelance

I’m fortunate to work for some fantastic editors at some of the world’s most beautiful magazines. My articles and photographs are published in travel, trade, geographic, lifestyle, music, news publications, and more. Most of my work comes out in print, but now and again I get a PDF copy to share, which I post to my flickr stream when I get the chance.

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  • USA Today Go Escape Magazine
    How Did I Get Here, Winter 2014
  • USA Today Go Escape Magazine
    Off to Dallas, Summer 2013
  • Travel 360 Magazine
    Desert Palette, December 2013
  • Travel 360 Magazine
    Hanoi Off the Grid, June 2013
  • Jet Wings Magazine
    Hong Kong Unfurled, September 2013
  • Sawasdee Magazine
    Feast of Flavors, September 2013
  • American Cowboy Magazine
    Sheridan: Road Trip, Winter 2013
  • Get Lost Magazine
    Pursuit of Happiness, January 2013
  • Travel Talk Magazine
    Culture Vulture, November 2013
  • Lonely Planet Traveler
    Vegas of the East, October 2013
  • Mabuhay Magazine
    Guam Off the Radar, May 2013
  • Voyeur Magazine
    On the Radar, April 2013
  • Escape Magazine
    The Catalan Way, November 2013
  • Asian Geographic Magazine
    Trouble in Paradise, February 2013
  • South East Asia Backpacker
    Life on the Road, January 2013
  • Jet Wings Magazine
    Sinhalese Siesta, June 2013
  • AFAR Magazine
    Guide to Toronto, Spring 2014
  • Travel Talk Magazine
    Irish Sighs, March 2013
  • GQ Magazine
    GQ Does Reykjavik, May 2013
  • Vacations + Travel Magazine
    On the Road Again, November 2013
  • Vacations + Travel Magazine
    The Legacy of Skull Island, May 2013
  • Food and Travel Magazine
    Joie de Vivre, November 2013
  • GQ Magazine Australia
    GQ Does Chiang Mai, March 2013
  • Asian Geographic Magazine
    Ties that Bind, March 2013