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My work has been published by more than 50 major national outlets including magazines, newspapers and literary journals. I have worked on assignment in 70 countries across six continents over the course of a career that has yielded more than 250 non-fiction narrative feature articles, one published novel, and two feature-length screenplays that were optioned by producers in Los Angeles and Toronto.


My work has been published by Afar, Outside Magazine, American Way, Lonely Planet, Conde Nast, Canadian Living, USA Today, Get Lost Magazine, GQ Magazine, Geographic, Escape Magazine, Voyeur Magazine, Reader’s Digest, American Cowboy, and numerous other leading travel, lifestyle and news outlets.

In addition to my work as a writer and journalist my photography has been recognized with national awards from the Society of American Travel Writers: my visual art has hung in galleries in South Korea, the United States, and Canada. I have written and produced national advertising campaigns (print, digital, video) for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the Sheridan WYO Rodeo, Australia Tourism, Afar Media, and other globally-recognized brands. 

This is not an exhaustive catalog of my work, but rather a curated collection of my bona fides selected to illustrate my ability to produce quality multi-media content.


Parker, Shawn (2021). When Crystal Mountains Shatter. Unpublished.*

Parker, Shawn (2008). I Am Overcome. Unpublished.**

Parker, Shawn (2007). Night Has Fallen. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Horizon Park Media

**Recently completed and currently being edited and shopped.


**Adapted from my own screenplay of the same name. The adaptation was completed over a three-month period in 2008; upon completing the novel I embarked on my first assignment to East Asia. I Am Overcome was long forgotten; I rediscovered the hand-written original manuscript when sorting through a storage shed many years later.


Parker, Shawn and others (2017). Atlas of Adventure. Kinsella, Patrick (Editor). Oakland, California, United States: Lonely Planet.


Parker, Shawn. “Walls of History: Revisiting Beijing.” Sawasdee Magazine. Grachangnetara, Mimi (Editor). August 2018. 52-59. Print. [Beijing, China].

Parker, Shawn. “Puerto Rico Bounces Back.” Afar Media. Galeotti, Katie (Editor). June 2018. Print and Digital. Retrieved from [Puerto Rico, USA].

Parker, Shawn. “Wild Wyoming.” USA Today. Schwartz, Sara (Editor). January 2018. 102-104. Print. [Bighorn Mountains, WY, USA].

Parker, Shawn. “Only the Lonely: An Epic Solo Trip to French Polynesia.” Afar Media. Galeotti, Katie (Editor). December 2017. Print and Digital. Retrieved from [Bora Bora, French Polynesia].

Parker, Shawn. “Pace and Grace: Walking Portugal.” Afar Media. Galeotti, Katie (Editor). November 2017. Print and Digital. Retrieved from [Porto, Portugal].

Parker, Shawn. “Through the Mangroves and Out to Sea.” Nobleman Magazine. McLaughlin, Doug (Editor). September 2016. 104-107. Print. [Durban, South Africa].

Parker, Shawn. “A Shift in the Shadows.” American Way Magazine. Froeber, Jacquelyne (Editor). June 2016. 64-66. Print. [Seoul, South Korea].

Parker, Shawn. “The Gastronomer’s Handshake.” Food and Travel Magazine. Yee, Michelle (Editor). June 2016. 21-27. Print. [Bangkok, Thailand].

Parker, Shawn. “Where the Wild Things Are.” Vacations and Travel Magazine. Hayes, Helen (Editor). January 2016. 138-142. Print. [Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea].

Parker, Shawn. “Viva, Nash Vegas!” USA Today. Neff, Christine (Editor). June 2015. 102-106. Print. [Nashville, TN, USA].

Parker, Shawn. “Surviving the Mouse House: A Week at Disney World with Mom and Dad.” Canadian Living. O’Neil, Doug (Editor). February 2015. 73-75. Print. [Orlando, FL, USA].

Parker, Shawn. “For Our Dearly Departed.” Canadian Living. Reynolds, Jennifer (Editor). November 2014: 76-79. Print. [Antigua, Guatemala].

Parker, Shawn. “The Coconut Banger’s Ball.” GQ Magazine AU. Clune, Richard (Editor). December 2014. 52-60. Print. [Corn Islands, Nicaragua].

Parker, Shawn. “Elegance in the Elephant Kingdom.” Escape Magazine. Rodriguez, Derek (Editor). April 2013. 55-63. Print. [Luang Prabang, Laos].

Parker, Shawn. “Vampires of the Steppe: How Turkic Blood Changed the World.” Asian Geographic. Mendoza, Lunita (Editor). July 2012. 66-95. Print. [Central Asia].

Parker, Shawn. “Ties That Bind: The Regal Unions that Shaped History.” Asian Geographic. Mendoza, Lunita (Editor). April 2012. 35-43. Print.

Parker, Shawn. “Conversations with Invisible Men.” Asian Geographic. Mendoza, Lunita (Editor). May 2012. 40-49. Print. [Udaipur, India].

Parker, Shawn. “Delta Days.” Get Lost Magazine. Jamieson, Justin (Editor). 2011. 35-40. Print. [Mekong Delta, Vietnam].

Parker, Shawn. “Removed, Indonesia.” Lonely Planet Magazine. Lew, Esther (Editor). July 2011. 36-45. Print. [Lake Maninjau, Sumatra].

Parker, Shawn. “Cola Bottle Gasoline.” South East Asia Backpacker Magazine. Scott, Nikki (Editor). July 2010. 24-29. Print. [Cambodia].


Parker, Shawn & Brown, Salvatore (Script). Brown, Salvatore (Producer). Brown, Salvatore (Director). (2017). Guidance. United States: Saul North Cinema. 


Parker, Shawn and Salvatore Brown (Script). Brown, Salvatore (Producer). (2018). The North American Mountain Lion. United States: Saul North Cinema.

Parker, Shawn and Mark Tuit & Bren Lynn (Script). VanCleave, Darren (Producer). (2008). Beneath. United States: True Fiction Filmz.

Parker, Shawn (Script). Nakamura, Ken (Producer). (2006). Wireless. Canada: Midori Multimedia.

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